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App it UP!

Let's face it-- everyone is a professional multi-tasker! We're juggling work emails, social media posts, employee and client phone calls, all at the same time and all day long. To top it off, we're traveling, usually by car or plane, and we don't always have our work laptop fired up with internet access. Ahhh, the joys of working remotely.

Well, I don't have the ultimate solution for your multi-tasking woes, but I do have a few phone apps (available on android and IOS) that can help make your work day run a little more smoothly. I use these apps (listed below in no particular order) on a daily basis and I recommend you give them a try and let me know what you think.

1. CamScanner - Ever needed a scanner on the run? This app allows you take a photo of document and turn it into a PDF that can easily be emailed.

2. Cloud Storage Apps - #MyLifeSavers These apps allow you to save documents and photos to the "cloud" on one device, then access these documents and photos on another device. If you're like me, you have a work laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet (or 2) and the clouds gives you one place to store your work where it can be accessed virtually everywhere. There are multiple apps for cloud storage, but my favorites are Dropbox Microsoft OneDrive (formally SkyDrive) Google Drive SugarSync

3. Microsoft One Note - This app is everything! After I completed online and in office training on OneNote, I realized the capabilities are endless. Take notes, pictures, voice memos, video, documents, calendar invitations, and emails and save everything about one topic all in one place. I love the integration of this app with the cloud storage apps and outlook. If you need tips on how to use OneNote, youtube is a great teacher.

4. Google Now - This is a great app for connecting with things around you. It gives you information about weather, traffic, suggestions relevant to your location, topics you're interested in, and information from other apps. When you use Google Search, it keeps that data and gives you updated information on that topic. Google now even tells you where you've parked, the distance you are from a saved location, and gives you updates on events around you. It's like a personal assistant (but not annoying).

5. Microsoft Office for Tablet Users - Sorry Apple, I think this app is for Android users only. We all get inundated with Word Documents that need to be edited, Spreadsheets that need to updated, and Presentations that need to be changed last minute. Microsoft Office for Tablet Users allows all this to happen on the fly. You can create, edit, share, and save documents all while waiting for you next meeting to start.

I know there are a lot of other really great apps out there that increase productivity, but these are my personal faves. And yes, I'm a Samsung user so everything is Android and I'm a little biased over IOS.

If there is an app that you use regularly, tell me about it! Post your comments and questions below. Now-- get out there and get Productive!

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