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Getting Visibility in an Invisible Role

I recently had the opportunity to step into The Strategic Hotbox with Dr. Brandi Stankovic (@brandiluv on social media) to talk about how I've gained visibility from being in an invisible role. I shared my career journey, how I've leveraged the Network of Executive Women as my platform for leadership and professional development, and how I've found my voice by writing my own nomination. The main takeaway from this discussion is that people won't know or understand everything you've done unless you tell them, so don't be afraid to share your accomplishments!

Check out the full conversation with Dr. Brandi and be sure to subscribe to The Strategic Hotbox on Youtube and follow on Facebook. Also, follow Brandi on Twitter and Instagram because she is a total rockstar!!

Thanks to Zach Christensen for reaching out to me on LinkedIn to invite me to be a guest on the show. I'm looking forward to working with you again soon. #collaboration

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