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#MoreThan Movement on Modern Creatif Entrepreneurial Life Podcast

In 2016, I wrote an article "Just Because I Don't Have Kids, Doesn't Mean..." because of a situation I encountered at work where someone basically told me I could only do everything I do because I don't have kids. Those words upset me because this was said during an award ceremony in front of an entire group of people. She tried to diminish my accomplishments by making assumptions of my time. (How dare she!)

This article prompted an entire discussion around the idea of other assumptions made in the workplace based on what people think they know. Readers commented about how they have been in the same situations and how they responded. It was very eye opening to see the realizations of those who have made similar comments and how they now see how their statement could be viewed as offensive.

Fast forward to 2018, when the #MoreThan Movement was founded by Tara J Frank. This movement is all about being more than what people see.

"We are #MoreThan our friend-counts, our job titles, our party lines. We are #MoreThan our races and religions, our genders and orientations. We are #MoreThan what you see just by scrolling."

Tara reached out to me about participating in the movement and at first, I was unsure about my #MoreThan story. I am more than a country girl? I am more than being raised in a single parent household? I am more than a pretty face? I am more than a young black female leader? And then I thought back to the situation that drove me to write the article.... I am more than a NON-MOM!

I didn't talk much about the situation after writing the article, and I definitely didn't talk about the struggles I've had with trying to conceive. The multiple doctors, the miscarriages, the hurt and disappointment my husband and I have faced. I was tired of answering the question, "Why don't you have kids."

This was the perfect platform for me to share the message of "Don't make assumptions of my time based on what you think you know about me." I am much more than my family dynamics.... more than my struggles... and more than your assumptions!

After my story was posted across social media, people began to immediately relate, share, and comment on their non-mom situations. I didn't know how people were going to respond and I definitely didn't realize how supportive people were going to be. One of the supporters was Mia D. Martin, founder of Modern Creatif. Mia reached out to me via LinkedIn and invited me to join the Entrepreneurlife Podcast. I accepted the invitation and decided I couldn't do it without Tara J.

So, here we are.... talking about the #MoreThan Movement and my #MoreThan a Non-Mom story on The Modern Creatif Entrepreneurlife Podcast. Take a listen and visit the More Than A Movement website to submit your #MoreThan story.

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