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Confessions from a Seasoned (so-called) Millennial "Cusper"

There's a first time for everything, and this the first time in history that our workforce includes workers from 5 different generations. The Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, the Millennials, and Generation Z are all collaborating in the workplace, and while the diversity is welcomed, the differences between these groups can be overwhelming. {Diversified Services Blog}

Although, I do enjoy entertaining the conversation of how to manage the five generations working together; this is NOT the subject of this article. I was born in 1980, and depending on your source of information, I would technically qualify as a Gen X or a Millennial. And depending on how my day is going, I classify myself as one or the other, or BOTH!

Buzzfeed's article, " 22 Signs You're Stuck Between Gen X and Millennials" is exactly how I feel -- Stuck in the Middle!!

And I know I'm not the only "seasoned, so-called millennial" who feels this way. There are tons of published articles talking about the "Cuspers". We're wading in the murky waters between two generations and are sometimes confused as to where we actually belong. It's like I'm too old to be a millennial, but I'm too young (and way too cool) to be a Gen X-- no offense, I know plenty of super cool X'ers. For the past several years, I've been a millennial when it benefits me, and a generation X when someone is talking negatively about "those darn millennials!"

I'm boldly stating my confessions so that people know that I AM OF MIXED GENERATION when it comes to the workplace.

I have many characteristics of Generation X - I'm technologically adept, flexible, individualistic, and I most definitely value work/life balance. I feel that feedback and recognition are very important and I want to contribute to my workplace by giving back. However, I also have evident millennial habits - I am very socially conscious, I do thrive in a fast paced, instant gratification environment, and (I hate admitting this one)....but some days, I do feel entitled. I am glued to my tech devices, and get a severe case of separation anxiety when I'm without my smart phone. I'm a connected, multi-tasker, who loves selfies, collaboration, and Starbucks (because Starbucks is life).

When it comes to how others perceive me, it's all subjective. Boomers and older generation x'ers see me as a hip, savvy millennial who is eager to learn and tackle the social injustices of the world. Other millennials may see me as a Gen X who is staying cool and relevant by keeping up with the trends, but trying too hard to identify as a millennial. And some days, I feel exactly how others see me. I find myself saying, "I'm too old to be in the know with all these social media trends." The next day, I'm snapchatting my Chipolte (because Chipolte is also life) and talking about an article or hashtag trending on twitter!

Anna Garvey brilliantly explains the "Xennial" generation in a Huffington Post article "The Biggest (And Best) Difference Between Millennials and My Generation". I can relate to every word written in this article, and yes, I do remember Oregon Trail, late nights in the computer lab, and AOL. So, according to this article, I am a perfect fit to be an Xennial and I finally have generational identification match!

In speaking with a couple Facebook connections in the Ambitionista Success Club, Erika Christie and Michele Arcilla can definitely understand my feelings. Michele says, "I find that I am not as great with social media compared to millennials, but, I'm not as bad as the much older generation. I am still up to date with all the apps, but I'm still struggling on building social media presence." While Erika knows that being a cusper is a strange place, she takes pride in her upbringing and states that, "As a millennial I am fully up on social media, computers, and technology and I think progressively and globally. And that's about where it ends. I have never been interested in Pop music or any new trend that comes around. I don't care about selfies or promoting myself and I declared, in 1996, that "reality TV would be the downfall of our society." She finds it funny when having to explain to younger people the phrase "hang up the phone" and what it was like rushing home to watch a TV show at a specific time on a specific day or you DIDN'T see it. Erika... those days were golden and I cherish those memories!

So, being a Cusper, Xennial, So-Called Old Millennial, isn't a bad place to be after all. It's like the best (and worst) of both generations blended together. If you need a speaker on being a millennial in the workplace, I'm your girl. And if you're also looking for a dedicated, experienced manager to run a division of your business, I'm also your girl. It's a win, win!!

But you can still follow me on snapchat, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and pintrest @SavvyMrsWright #savvynsocial, because my millennial habits won't die easy!

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