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#IssaTribe - How Powerful is your Community?

When you think of your tribe, who comes to mind? Is it your best friends? Maybe a few close co-workers? Or maybe it's family? No matter the genetic makeup of your tribe, you want to make sure these are the people who are inclusive, positively influential, mutually supportive, celebratory, and 100% uplifting.

This collage may not look like much. It's not taken by a professional photographer, it doesn't capture the motion of us being the girl bosses' we are in real life, but this is part of my POWERFUL tribe. These ladies believe in the power of community to lift as they climb by inviting others to have a seat at the table when they would otherwise be at the back of the room. And they believe in me just as I believe in them!

Your tribe is ultimately your All-Star Support System. We all have some pretty amazing friends, co-workers, and family members, but your tribe are those who push you outside your comfort zone to make you overall a better person. Your tribe is made up of those who support your endeavors more than they support the latest trends, newest technology, and hottest music. Their support is not financial... but moral and 100% genuine. They come to support your events when they don't have much idea of what you actually do. They support and help promote your business by sharing your social media posts and telling others of your services. They invite you to events and to join conversations that may mutually benefit your professional development. They push you to do the most to make you a better business leader. But most importantly, your tribe tells you like it is and makes you worker harder.

A successful tribe is give and take. You have to support others just as they support you and sometimes that takes a little effort, but in the end, a Tribe is only as successful as it's most fragile member.

This isn't a competition. This isn't for show. This is just a REAL group of people who have your best interest at heart who mutually benefit from the relationship. We celebrate each other's accomplishments and take pride in being there for the milestones in life. We acknowledge the small wins with equal fireworks as the major successes. When women support each other, there is a powerful sense of community that cannot be broken. Make sure your TRIBE is full of value so that you can WIN Together!

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