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2018.... BRING IT!

I never make resolutions in the new year... I'm more of the goal setter type. But this year, In the Loop of Success reached out to me to ask about my Resolutions, and I couldn't say no to the organization who's mission is to empower young people to reach their full potential.

So, I sat down and put some thought into my 2018 Resolutions. I had already made a commitment to make more connections in the new year, but what else? What do I really want to accomplish this year? I have work goals,business goals, and personal goals, but what ties all these together?


This is the key to broadening your world of opportunities and being able to meet those who can mutually benefit from your partnership.

I want to strategically connect and collaborate with others who can push me outside my comfort zone. I want to be a mentor and give back to the community because I truly believe that service is the key to fulfillment and personal growth. I am committed to supporting the business ventures of those who have a vision of empowerment and success.

Being strategic in networking isn't easy because often times you are attracted to meet those who are likable, friendly, and most like you. When you are networking with a purpose, you have to attend events that are outside your normal comfort zone, and have a strategy ready to approach the "unapproachable". You have to go in with a specific goal, and be open minded to talking to people that you wouldn't normally strike a conversation with. Doing this is very awkward at first, but after doing it a couple times.... it gets easier.

Supporting someone else's success will never dampen your own. After all, networking is more about who knows you, than who you know. Let's network to increase our net worth!

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