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Confessions of a Savvy So.phis.ti.rat.chet

There has always been "sides" to Savvy. And what I mean by that is, I'm the type of person who adapts to my environment, can still be myself, but is able to adjust my tone according to who's around. Growing up, I was always "accused" of talking white. I never really understood what that meant other than I sounded like 98% of people I went to high school with (there were only 3 blacks in my graduating class). Now, I'm somewhere between Oprah and Cardi B on a daily basis and normally I ride the line of being a classy, sophisticated, professional business woman and a ratchet gangsta female who is 'bout that life (almost).

What I've realized is that my sophistiratchet ways are not uncommon. Most women I know walk the same lines I do and many times it's more of a ballerina tiptoe to stay on the classy side. Hell, I was recently on a work conference call and one of the participants described an outdated program as ratchet because we were still using it. And she was correct! I gave her a virtual high five and went about my day.


Here's the tell tale signs of a sophistiratchet:

  • Trap Music is a preference

  • Curse words are regularly interjected into each sentence as it forms in our brains

  • Rap lyrics are sometimes the best way to answer a question

  • The side-eye, lip curl, and hand gestures are perfected

  • Memes are always the best response

  • Watching the Real Housewives of any city is always a good idea

  • Having attitude isn't a bad thing, it's a lifestyle


Granted, I can't always respond to emails with rap lyrics or memes, but I can always think of the perfect GIF to convey my emotions thru text message. The workplace today encourages team members to bring their whole selves to work, and if your entire self includes a ratchet side, then you must bring that along with you. Being ratchet isn't a bad or negative thing... it's just a little added flavor to the bland potato salad. It's unapologetically bold, colorful, and an overall bad ass in the best way possible.

My ratchet self listens to Texas rap (screw) during the commute to work, sends gutta text messages throughout the day, silently curses while crafting emails, all while leading others, speaking on social media, and managing the heck out of my career and side hustle. I properly answer the phone at the same time I'm texting my girlfriend a Beyonce' lyric to answer a relationship question. I speak with the CEO in the same manner I speak with the janitor, and that, quite frankly is the best part... the ability to relate to everyone at all walks of life and in every position. Hail the Sophistiratchet and death to covering your true self to fit the normal!

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